Board of Directors:

Dr SN Amadhila (MD)                   Mr CJ van Niekerk

Mrs CM Smith                               Ms LE Botes

Dr U Tanneberger                        Mrs N Heita


All our shareholders are Namibian Citizens.

CJ van Niekerk                  SN Amadhila                      CM Smith

LE Botes                           U Tanneberger                   E Maritz

JHT Nel                              RM Baines                           I Baines

M van Zyl                          J Terblanche                        PS Ludik

KW Butow                        W Koepp                              H de G Laurie

H Schulte                         M Schier                               C Scholtz

N Feris                              L Green                                A van Vuuren 

Our Management Team:

Dr SN Amadhila - Superintendent

Mrs Corna Smith (Financial Director)                   Ms Esme Botes (Medical  Director)

Sr Lerisa Wolman (Admin  Manager)                    Christelle de Klerk (IT)

Sr Angie Phillips (PRO)                                            Sr G Coetzee (Theater Manager)

Sr M Groenewald (Day Ward Manager)                Sr S Namaseb (General Ward)

Sr M Weiss (ICU & NeoNatal ICU)                          Sr A Januarie (Maternity)

Sr D Isaaks (Pediatric Ward)                                   Mrs M Malherbe (Pharmacies)

Sr A Louw (Training)                                                Sr R van der Merwe (Training)

A Word About Rhino Park Private Hospital

Our History:

1994   -   On the 1st of June we opened our doors as a Day Hospital with 2 Operating Theaters and a Primary Health Care Clinic.
1996   -   10 Double rooms for over-night stay were added due to public demand; therefore we became a full Hospital.
1998   -   A third operating theater was added to handle the growing demand.
2000 - 2002   -   Another 24 Rooms were added; of which 10 were private Pediatric ward rooms.
2004   -   Our Day ward was expanded to cater for 18 patients. We also added a  3-bed High Care and 2-bed ICU to our facilities.
2006  -   5 more Pediatric rooms were added.
2008 - 2009   -  We started building our 15 room Maternity department. This department also has its own dedicated Cesarean Section Theater. A 4-cot Neo-Natal ICU & 4-cot Neo-Natal High Care also forms part of this department. Pediatric ward also moved to new premises and was upgraded to 20 private rooms.
2011   -   5 more rooms were added to Maternity.
2013 - 2014   -  once again we had to expand the Maternity Department.

2016 - Another Retail pharmacy was opened in the newly built Medical Complex

2018 - The Pharmacy was equipped with a Robotic Dispensing machine

2019 - Our old Boardroom area was renovated into a 4-bed ICU and 1-bed High Care department resulting in the addition of 3 more General Ward private rooms.

We also created a training center/conference room in our Board room and management offices-complex.