Our Services

We also offer:

Adjoining services:

  • Radiology services
  • Pathology services
  • General practitioners, Surgeons and Specialists' consulting rooms in the area
  • Home Affairs office for birth and death registrations

Other services include:

Pharmacy: Our 2 on-site pharmacies claim from ALL Namibian Medical Aid schemes.

Our Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Outsourced services?

‚ÄčVisiting hours:

At Rhino Park Private Hospital, we will make every effort to accommodate visitors, as having visitors during your stay here are an important part of your recovery.

We try to apply flexible visiting hours: 
General Wards = 15h00 till 20h00 (weekends and Public holidays have morning hours as well, from 10h00-11h00).
Maternity Ward = 15h00-16h00 and again 19h00-20h00. Fathers and Grandparents have longer times (please confirm with staff).

Please keep in mind that there may be times that visitors can't be accommodated. Please always enquire at the nurses' stations if a patient is able to receive visitors.

Visitors may also be asked to leave the room when procedures need to be done, or during doctors' visits.

We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Please take other patients and visitors into consideration. Restrict the number of visitors at the same time to 2-3 people per patient (take turns to visit as needed).

Please keep your mobile on silent; keep noise to a minimum and PLEASE supervise visiting children.

Theaters: We have 3 major theaters which can handle any type of surgery. Our staff and equipment is first world quality

Procedure room:  We do all our scope work in this state of the art procedure room. We also do minor surgical procedures here to keep treatment affordable to you our patient.

OPD:  Medical practitioners use our Procedure Room after hours (from 18h00 till 22h00) and over weekends, as an out-patient department. This is to make medical services delivery more accessible to our patients.

Day Ward:  All day-theater case patients are admitted in this 19-bed ward.  Patients are treated here pre- and post-procedure

General Ward:  We have 37 overnight beds for adult patients - in 11 double rooms and 15 private rooms

Intensive Care Unit:  There are 4 dedicated, fully equip ICU-rooms and 1 High Care room for serious cases

Pediatric Ward:  Here we cater for the family in 22 private rooms - one family member may be admitted with the child/patient (at no extra cost)

Maternity Ward:  We have 29 Private rooms in Maternity, as well as a dedicated cesarean section theater

NeoNatal ICU: This 14 cot area is for premature and special-care babies